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International Technology Deployments

International Programs works to facilitate the deployment of jointly developed international technologies at DOE sites. The Office of Environmental Management (EM) defines technology deployment as "the use of a technology or technology system toward accomplishment of one or more site-specific DOE Environmental Management program cleanup objectives as applied to the actual waste requiring management at the site." A deployment is counted as accomplished in the fiscal year (FY) in which it begins. This definition is consistent with contributing to the accomplishment of EM's performance measures and the application of technology to actual site wastes and cleanup activities.

EM continually works to improve the quality of deployment data. Starting in FY98, EM began constructing Deployment Fact Sheets for every technology deployment occurring from FY95 through FY98. These Deployment Fact Sheets reside in EM's Technology Management System (TMS). A corresponding Office of Science and Technology (OST) Reference Number is given to each technology entry. TMS is designed to provide improved access to data and information about OST programs, technologies and sites. TMS can be accessed at

International Programs published the "Office of International Program, Deployment Summary, Fiscal Years 1995-2000". This publication summarizes the progress made by IP in deploying innovative international Environmental Management technologies throughout the DOE complex as well as the deployment of U.S. technologies overseas. See the publications section of this website for a full copy of this publication.

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